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Aaron Fenwick

Hi I'm Aaron Fenwick, Visual Artist, Writer and Jack of many trades.

Aaron Fenwick is often known as bespectacled, bearded , barmy , black clad, bohemian individual with a strange obsession for anything that burns his creative energies. (Partaking in anything from Photography to Aquarium keeping to keep this urge under control) Quotes too much, cat person (mostly) and loves cartoons. Aaron Fenwick has lived in and around Melbourne Australia all his life, but enjoys travelling; in particular to North America.

Aaron Fenwick's Background

Aaron Fenwick's Experience

I.T. Monkey at Deakin University

December 1999

Aaron Fenwick's Education

Victorian College of the Arts

Concentration: Fine Art Photography

Bayside Secondary College

Aaron Fenwick's Interests & Activities

Photography, Modern art, Film, Writing, Board Gaming, Freeform Acting , Politics

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